Guild Wars Raiders1

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guild Wars has just been exposed as if the game is in 2007 when, as I put my World of Warcraft account just to sell soon.

Watch me start this game World of Warcraft pictures and compared favorably with the screen, are possible with a team to

complete the animation of it. And believe that the majority of gamers to play such games are Blizzard fans now, Blizzard Star

products, Warcraft, Diablo series are good choice. So on my fascination with the game, the mission of the skills and easy
compared to many World of Warcraft, and synthesis equipment also easier than World of Warcraft. It can be said that the game

is very easy to use, and are highly entertaining game, but also surprised me most are only 20 full-class, for my master for

this game easy. I began to choose a beautiful role, after careful with me, a beautiful women on was born. I have to admire the game

development team, a very good screen roles, scenes and characters are the highlight of the game. I use the mouse to control

the elements to make my start in the game journey. To be continued ... ...

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