Samsung Made a Biggest Cellphone in The World

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Samsung made a cell phone which is five times bigger than the previous holder of Guinness World of Records. Not only providing a new model of their cell phone, the company creates a hugest cell phone in the world.

The US provider company, Cricket, collaborating with Samsung to set up the biggest phone, Samsung Messenger at Fidelity Plaza Located in Chicago.


The dimension of this giant cell phone is 11 ft x 15 ft. Samsung Messenger was released on March 15th in America. in mean time, the previous winner of Guinness World Record, Sony Ericsson in year 2007, was built based on the type of W850i, 2.5m x 1.14m. Samsung Messenger has a function just like the common cell phones. it can be used for calling, sending a text message, and other functions of regular cell phones.

You can't imagine who would use the cell phone, can you? me neither. well, it's just a model anyway.