Three Types Of Airsoft Pistols

Friday, May 15, 2009

Many people that enjoy guns and shooting prefer to stick with the less expensive plastic or metal toy pistols. Airsoft pistols are manufactured to provide the operator with the feel and authenticity of a real weapon; with the accuracy and shooting options found on actual pistols. To top it all off these pistols really do look and fire like the real thing, which is always a plus in any gaming situation.

Airsoft pistols come in three types or categories. These include spring, gas and electric. Each type of pistol has its own pros and cons and it is really up to the individual to decide which model type is best suited to their gaming needs. As with any type of product, there is a wide price range within each type.
Spring pistols are the easiest to operate and maintain since they don't rely on either gas or batteries. The mechanism works just like a real gun with a cocking mechanism that causes the BB's to fire. It is literally a cock and shoot option, which means you always have the option to shoot. With gas or electric there is always the possibility of needing to insert a new gas canister or batteries, but definitely not so with spring loaded pistols. These pistols can range in price; however they are all very accurate and very realistic in appearance.

Electric Airsoft pistols operate on batteries, most use 4 AAA batteries that are purchased separately from the gun. There are also options to use rechargeable batteries and Airsoft sells battery recharging units that are compact and easy to use. All electric Airsoft pistols, like those that are spring load, are going to be made of heavyweight plastic that looks and feels just like metal and wood, making for a very realistic weapon both to handle and to see in action. The more expensive models are some of the fastest shooting pistols in use today in the world of gaming.

The higher end of the scale includes the Airsoft pistols that operate on gas canisters. These realistic looking models can be the most expensive; however there are some very accurate and very realistic gas pistols at reasonable prices. These guns often fire the larger sized BBs and are very accurate even at long distances. These guns are powered by pressured gas that comes in a variety of types from standard propane to the deluxe "green gas" cylinders. As always there is additional care required for handling the gas however it is considered very safe as long as the responsible precautions are followed. As with any type of pressurized gas, this is not typically a weapon that is appropriate for children or even young adults unless supervised by an adult.

As with the use of any type of Airsoft pistol, safety gear is always recommended for those using Airsoft pistols and those around Airsoft pistols. This includes items such as eye goggles or safety glasses. Other gear and accessories to include with Airsoft pistols are silencers, flash hiders, holsters and magazines. Gun cases and holders are also a great option to help keep your Airsoft pistols and other gaming weapons looking like new when not in use.

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