Hidden camera in a watch! Go James Bond!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crime is "omnipresent", and every day, the crime rate keeps increasing all over the world. A day doesn't move without news of horrific murder or robbery. Every government spends a considerable amount of money exclusively to prevent the incidence of crime against the civilians. In seeking solution to those problems, CCTV security systems are installed by the government officials in public places like railway stations, malls, cinema theaters, and much more. But, it is not feasible to provide security to everyone. Instead, you can secure yourself from such incidences by using the spy camera watch, which can be used to record evidence.
Tupelo Super Store offers a range of spy camera watches that helps you protect yourself from danger. Discover the detective agent in you with this wireless spy camera featuring a built-in color camera, which ensure optimal surveillance. The watch comes with a microphone for precise recording of audio from the scene. This wireless spy camera has all the features of a real-time CCTV security camera systems as well as functions as a watch. So, no one will know that you are actually carrying a camera with you. It is designed with the latest miniaturized video technology to deliver the best shots. It features a user friendly design to meet all your personal security needs. Operating the units doesn't require much effort; you just have to just press the power switch, and the camera will start recording at the rate of 15 frames per second.

The DVR security camera comes with a pixel rate of 300,000 to deliver excellent picture quality. You can view all the recorded videos on your PC by connecting it via USB port. You don't need any software or drive for installation. With the incorporated 4 GB digital video recorder, the unit will never run out of memory space. The built-in DVR allows you to store video files ranging about 6-8 Megs per minute

This wireless spy camera is powered by a lithium battery, which can be charged using a USB adapter. What do you still waiting for? "Now" it is the right time to grab your spy camera watch from Tupelo Super Store to become a James Bond.